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AJAX E-mail Submitter Release!
Good news! I'm releasing something!

Download it

For an example form visit here

New Version Released August 22nd 2010

Before I made this I spent hours looking for a script that already did this. I didn't find anything that suited my needs so I just made it myself. Anyway, I'm releasing it to the general public.

This script is designed to collect e-mail address through a form that dynamically checks and stores user input. The code is designed to be implemented into a design on a page on a website. This is released under a GNU general public license, which means that this script is free and you are free to redistribute it so long as you give me original credit and preferably give a link to my website.

* Dynamically submits e-mails
* Checks if e-mails are in the correct format
* stores in an easy to read text document
* parses the e-mail address for better storage
* Sleek and simple design
* Easy to edit and easy to implement
* Shows message if someone has already entered an e-mail

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.