Jayd Saucedo


Saurdo Gallery Version 3
Good news! I'm releasing something!

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Example gallery located here

A long time ago, when I knew little about PHP and was in the process of learning it, I wanted a gallery for the photographs I had uploaded on my site. However, I linked to my photographs on several sites and didn't want to have to move them in order to make a gallery. So I searched for a gallery that would let me keep my photos in their directory and I found nothing. So, why not trying making my own?

Even though I knew little about PHP I still somehow managed to make something. It wasn't very great but I released it to the public anyway for anyone who would want a gallery like it. This first version had many bugs and wasn't very expandable. So, I released a second version which was a little better but still I was a PHP novice. Now, I look back on my code and laugh. This latest version is completely rewritten from scratch and is designed for expandability. I made every element it's own function so designers will have the freedom they love. I completely ripped most of the inscript styling out and now people with little knowledge of PHP will be able to stylize it with ease.

In all honesty I sat on this version for a long time. Not having the time to make the finishing touches. I released a beta version and got some replies as to what bugs there were. Then I got time and finished everything. However, I found that the description system was too much trouble for most people to bother with so I went out to make an admin script. Once again I got too busy to work on it and then several months later finally came up with something. I'm tired of delaying it so although the admin script isn't pretty it is fully functional and should work like a charm for whoever chooses to use it.

If you have any suggestions, questions, ideas, or anything else related to the script then please e-mail me! Most importantly if you find any bugs then e-mail me immediately and I'll patch it up. Also, this script is open source and released under GNU so any PHP developers that do something awesome with it I'd love to see your handy work!



Everything else is pretty standard. The only thing you really need to worry about is Exif. You can check out your server specs by making a PHP file with phpinfo(). You can easily disable exif in the settings so if it doesn't work no need to fret.

Enjoy the latest and in my opinion the best version of Saurdo Gallery!