Jayd Saucedo


It's been three months since I made a post. So, in the interest of creating the illusion that I am maintaining the site, I will now make a post about some games that I've made. I had a class a couple years ago in which we used the program Game Maker to design and program games. I ended up making two games completely from scratch, both of them are pretty bad and I haven't fiddled with the program since then but I thought I might as well post them here just so I can say I've posted something.

I had the class around the time that the first Left 4 Dead game was released, so my interest in zombies was at an all time high. Consequently I made a game called "Zombie Survival" in which you try and survive ever increasing waves of zombies. I had some lame storyline that went along with it but I can't remember it. Basically, all you do is run around shooting zombies and they leave a bloody mess everywhere.

You can download it here.
If you're not using windows then you should already know the pain of not being able to use something due to compatibility issues. Use wine or something.

The second game I made was a remake of an old calculator game I used to (and still do) play all the time in math class instead of learning math. It is called "Block Dude" and it involves moving blocks around. That is basically the whole premise. Sometimes you have to think before you move your blocks, but most of the time you'll be moving blocks thoughtlessly and accidentally win the game. This game is better than the zombie game, but it has absolutely no replay value.

You can download that here.

The zombie game is hardly any fun, the block dude game is unoriginal and pretty much a direct copy of the calculator game. I'm pretty sure the only reason I got an A in the class was because I was good at the programming part.

A couple weeks ago I wanted to play some of that Nintendo DS Brain Age game mini game stuff, but my DS was all the way in the other room! So I made that serial countdown game in javascript and came up with some bullshit scoring system that will leave you wondering why you're getting all the hard ones.

Here's the actual game, you can press enter to clear the input at any time:


Don't ask me about the score box, that was the last thing I made and I spent the least amount of time on it. I'm pretty sure this game doesn't work in IE. I've learned that in order for pet projects to be fun, I have to disregard IE.I am not going to waste my time trying to get this to work in IE. If anything, IE should be wasting their time trying to get their crappy browser to work for this game. Building a game like this is the sort of thing that's fun to do because it's easy. You get the idea that you want to play something and then you make it! Admittedly, making it was a lot more fun than playing it. Actually, making any of these games was a lot more fun than playing them.

Here's my inaccurate scoring system:

// calculate score using arbitrary system
function score(start, num, time){
// find difficulty of number
6 :
dif = 0.58;
7 :
dif = 0.68;
8 : 
dif = 0.58;
9 :
dif = 0.52;
dif = 0;
// I played with the equation until i got numbers 
    // that seemed to represent the actual skill one
    // would need to get a higher score
total_score = Math.round(((start/num)*dif)/time*100);

So, as you can see the number that it starts counting down from, the number it's subtracting by, and the time it took you to hit zero all play a factor in your score. On top of that, I realize that some numbers are harder to subtract than others so I gave them a special boost in their score using a number that a psychic gave me. I also realized that how many times a number went into your starting number affected the time! So that also plays a factor in the score. All in all though, I basically just kept messing with the equation until the scores started looking good. The higher the score the better!

It might also interest you to know that the program completely builds itself. That stupid input box, the little dialog above it. Those are all built in JavaScript! Why would I do this? I have no idea. I thought it would be a cool thing to do so I did it. It certainly made the game a lot more portable though, which obviously isn't something I care about considering my situation with IE.

You can check out the complete script here