Jayd Saucedo


Saurdo Gallery V2 Release!
Good news! You can now get your hand on the source for the second version of Saurdo Gallery!

A new version is available HERE
or just download this onet

For an example gallery visit here

You can view the readme online, which contains everything in this post and detailed instructions on installation, here. This readme is also included inside the download.

I wanted a gallery that was able to read a folder defined by me and display the images in that folder in nice neat thumbnailed manner that was ordered alphabetically and had some nice features. After much searching I found nothing. So why not make my own? Well that's exactly what I did and good thing I did because it turned out pretty awesome!


In this version I have added:

If you have any feature suggestions then feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Also, I'm extremely interesting in knowing what you use it for. So, shoot me an e-mail with the link to your gallery and with the subject "One use for your gallery", just out of plain interest.

If you like the script please rate it good. At whatever site you found it from, like scripts.com