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As part of my computer science program's curriculum, we are required to create a senior project in our last semester. The format of the class was that we would meet up with our professor once a week and discuss our progress. Really, the hardest part of this class for me was coming up with an idea. I usually have tons of ideas, but the difference between this and just programming for fun was that I wasn’t allowed to abandon the project when I realize my idea isn’t working. That’s why most of my projects on my...read more.

MAZE: The World's Most Challenging Puzzle

Last semester I took a class titled “Graphical User Interfaces”, the platform we'd be using in the class was Android. Since we'd be collaborating in our groups using git it fulfilled the requirements for my “software engineering tools” class. Thus I was given a substitution while taking a far more interesting class. The way the class was structured was that there were no tests, about 7 smaller projects that were given in 1 week increments. And then halfway through the semester we...read more.

The Spiraling Fan Video
About a month ago I posted the following video to youtube:

This video now has over a million views. In response, I made the following program: located here

My original intention was to put some sort of animation on the ceiling fan, my first attempts failed so I tried a spiral and it seemed to work. I wanted to show my brother, who I...read more.

Receipt Data Analyzer
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